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winePad - the world's first digital wine list and your own personal digital sommelier

„We combine gastronomic know-how and specific expertise with digital innovation. With our interactive app, wines, but also drinks and food are perfectly presented and administrated - straightforward, user- friendly and modern - with the minimum effort for the greatest possible success!“


The idea

In a globalized world, knowledge about the origin of products is becoming increasingly important. Stories sell much better than faceless names, and we all know that when it comes to emotional purchasing decisions, conventional, price-sensitive consumer behavior takes a back seat.
For wine lovers and gourmets in particular, there are many dimensions of enjoyment. For them, a wide range of information and background knowledge is just as much a part of good food and drink as taste, consistency, color and finish.
At the same time, however, there are fewer and fewer well-trained salespeople and sommeliers with the relevant expertise. Is it perhaps possible to outsource this challenging service? A vision that Arno Hofer developed many years ago, laying the foundations for winePad.

The foundation – winePad 1.0

The first iPad, presented by Steve Jobs in 2010, was finally the ideal tool for realizing the "digital wine list". For Arno, it was a project close to his heart and a challenge in equal measure. In the end, it took 2 years of intensive work and development before he had the prototype in his hands.
A milestone in the history of wine lists, which was also immediately honored with the Tyrolean advertising award 'Tirolissimo'.

2016 – winePad 2.0

In collaboration with the gifted programmer and self-confessed Tyrolean by choice, Maxim Danilov, the software is raised to a new level. With our "in-house" programmer, many of the specific customer requirements can be implemented directly - just one of our many USPs.


The enormous demand and rapid growth require new structures. From now on, a professional team of web designers and content managers will take care of perfect presentation and flawless content. Wine is our central theme and so, in addition to Arno, all team members are self-confessed gourmets with a solid background in gastronomy and the wine trade.


The virus that is keeping us all in suspense this year calls for new approaches. Alongside the additionally developed winemaker app and private cellar app, we are organizing legendary online tastings with participants from half of Europe and many long-cherished ideas for the further development of the winePad app are being tackled.


Today, the winePad team supports 500 customers from the gastronomy, hotel, beverage trade and wine business in 4 countries: Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Thousands of people around the world use our app every day and are playfully inspired by the perfect presentation.

This year, winePad wins the JUNGUNTERNEHMERPREIS (young entrepreneurs award) for creative services.


The future - winePad 3.0

In addition to the mere presentation, we want to connect customers directly with the producers: Our vision is that a guest can access our wine list during their restaurant visit by scanning a QR code or photographing a label, order a wine digitally and, if they like the wine, order 6 bottles directly from the winemaker or retailer to take home.

The revolution in digital wine list presentation and wine management began in 2012 with winePad. winePad is efficient, independent, sales-boosting, informative, modern and unique thanks to the enormous variety of possible applications.

Become part of our success story!​​​​​​​