Marie-Christine Chiodo

WinePad is a real enrichment for our guests and employees!
We exclusively use the digital version of the app. Guests scan the QR code or we give them an iPad that they can browse through. That meets with a great response!
It has also made work much easier. The staff can quickly access a lot of information and therefore offer better advice and service.
The days when sommeliers were constantly updating wine lists are over. It's also worth mentioning how quickly and reliably the winePad team works. You can finally focus on the essentials: the guest.
We will continue to use WinePad with great pleasure! :)"

Vinothek Wohnraum Ellmau

Simone Kohzer

"Since 2020, I have been managing and working as a sommelier for a five-star hotel with a digital wine list using the winePad program. I was impressed by the system and the people behind it.
Right from the start, it was a pleasure to see how the new digital wine list was built up piece by piece and can be changed again and again through further quick and easy applications.

I particularly appreciate the speed with which new ideas can be implemented.
For example, we installed and edited a new custom group with in-house wines together with winePad in just an hour.
What is fascinating is that the changed data is immediately available to our guests, so we are always up to date, whether a wine that has been drunk is deactivated or a new wine goes online. In doing so, we work sustainably by saving paper.

We are delighted with the positive feedback we receive from arriving guests who tell us that they have already checked which wines they would like to drink with us before their arrival and have installed the app on their mobile phone.
Guests who visit our Michelin-starred restaurant in the evening have the opportunity to take a look at the wine pairing in advance. Skeptical guests will gladly be persuaded to browse through our digital winePad without missing out on a personal conversation.

Another important plus point for our company is the ability to export data for inventories and generate label printing for stock management. 
Selections are used for special cards and offers.

New hotel employees are trained by the friendly, competent winePad staff, and new ideas are developed together and implemented in a timely manner.

I am delighted with winePad and am happy to recommend it to other colleagues in our industry."

Romantik & Wellnesshotel Deimann

Christian Kuppelwieser

"winePad and the menu app have been used in our hotel and restaurant business since winter 2021.
Both are used digitally as well as in printed form, with guests using the digital version almost exclusively.
winePad is the perfect source of information for guests, but also for our employees, to make the topic of wine in our hotel even more accessible.
It is also very attractive from an ecological point of view, of course, as it saves a lot of paper."

Der Mohrenwirt

Gregor Kuhn

"We and our guests are very happy with it so far. No guest has yet asked for a printed version of the menu, which we also see as a sign that the time is ripe for a wine list in this format. It is always a pleasure to work with you."

Hotel Arosa Kulm

Amélie Krämer

"We have been using winePad since 2015 and we are more than thrilled. We use winePad on our iPads in the hotel & restaurant. We used to create a print version - I've completely dispensed with that since 2017. Changing the assortment is super easy & quick. Our guests are also delighted - and anyone who wants to can access the public version of the wine list via QR code and get even more information there.
We'll stay loyal to you!"

Alpenhotel Heimspitze

Christian Ossanna

"winePad has become an indispensable tool for the company "Ossanna"! The software is deeply integrated into our company and is tested to the utmost every day. The individual departments such as internal sales, marketing, purchasing, shipping, representatives and, above all, our customers use the possibilities of the app. The flexibility of the software, but in particular the creation of a central data management system with very detailed product information and simultaneous digitalization have become essential for our business. Internal workflows are much more efficient thanks to winePad."

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