The interactive wine experience

Administration & presentation of wine and co.


Amaze your guests with this interactive wine experience and increase your wine sales!

WinePad is an app that does not need to be installed or downloaded from an app store. All you need is a QR code or link to open it immediately and easily on any digital device with internet access.

In addition, all other drinks, food and services can also be perfectly presented with this multilingual sales platform.

winePad takes over the time-consuming wine list administration for you.


This saves you time and money and allows you to concentrate on your real tasks, such as advising guests and customers.

Important additional features include price calculation, product administration, wine lexicon and the display of all content in different languages.

As a winePad customer, you have access to an infinite wine database in which every wine you need is described in detail in words and pictures.

 Every change is immediately applied to all mediums. Whether on your website, on tablets, smartphones, large touchscreens or in your classic print wine list, everything is always synchronized and up to date.


The future of wine presentation has begun

As both a digital and analog medium, winePad pushes the boundaries of classic wine presentation.


In addition to the perfect presentation and information, the focus is also on a playful element. The simple application encourages the user to move into new territory when searching for wine. This means that classic criteria such as usual drinking habits or price fade into the background.


our services

The perfect and sales-promoting presentation of your entire F&B offer is our most important concern!
Creating descriptions, researching details, editing photos, changing vintages, correcting menus and lists, translating, printing, replacing... leave all this time-consuming work to us!
We digitize your offer so that you can access it anytime and anywhere in perfect condition.