E-commerce for winemakers

Website with professional online store. Inexpensive and easy to createWebsite with professional online store. Inexpensive and easy to create

Until now, producers have either had to spend a lot of money or a large amount of their own time on marketing and presentation work. This is probably one of the reasons why 36% do not operate their own online store. Of the remaining 64%, half are only insufficiently or not at all satisfied with the sales they achieve.*
From now on, winePad will take over these roles, helping to save time and money and freeing up winemakers for their real tasks - creating outstanding wines.

With the in-house store system, winePad is now also the perfect tool for successful e-commerce for winemakers. The technology is state-of-the-art and optimized for the sale of wine. The basic version can be set up and used free of charge, and the investment required for the various upgrade solutions is very low.
The winePad store can be integrated into an existing website or additionally filled with extensive information about the business, blogs and images to create a stand-alone, fully-fledged website with an integrated online store.

In addition, it is possible to participate in an online marketplace with minimal effort or to set up a marketplace yourself. This promotes diversification, more visibility on the market, better search engine rankings and therefore more visitors and higher sales in the store - a spiral of success for every producer involved.
This development aims to revolutionize the wine trade. Digital wine lists and online stores are networked on the large winePad marketplace. Guests can order their favorite wine directly from the producer via the restaurant wine list. The restaurant thus becomes a subdivision of the winery.

*) SM survey of Austrian producers in May 2022.